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Womens Ignite 2

Comfortable Fit, All Layers, Open Water

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    The new Ignite is the outdoor swimming wetsuit that convinces with high quality material, extremely comfortable fit and good visibility.

    The Ignite has a neoprene thickness of 3.0 millimeters throughout the legs and torso. Thus, our all-rounder protects you well from the cold of the open water and still offers a very good comfort for all uses. Shoulders and arms, on the other hand, rely on 1.5 millimeters of neoprene and provide outstanding freedom for any swimming style.

    • Visibility - essential in open water
    • Easy Loop - The trick with the loop
    • The perfect fit for every style
    • Protection and comfort through balanced material thicknesses

    We have switched to sustainable packaging and integrated it into our product range to reduce the dependence on harmful shipping and display items.

    Sustainable logistics brings Your package delivered to your home in a way that's kinder to the planet, so you can look forward to your next adventure in cleaner nature.

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    Womens Ignite 2
    Womens Ignite 2
    Womens Ignite 2
    Womens Ignite 2

    • Visibility

    • Easy Loop

    • Perfect Fit

    • Protection & Comfort

    • Tech

    See and be seen is the motto of the Ignite. The bright orange on the calves and the back make you easily visible from a distance. Especially in a group, it also allows you to keep in contact and always stay together, even when visibility is limited. Thus, the Ignite’s unique color scheme makes it a real winner as you stand out in the crowd, and it aids in safety in open water swims!

    The Easy Loop is only a small detail of the Ignite. Through the small loop you can build up countertraction when closing the suit. So you're ready to go on your own in no time! In addition, the sailfish Swimming Buoy can be attached to the Easy Loop. This option can be added for even more safety and visibility in an open water swim.

    Our Second Skin Fit is the greatest quality in the Ignite; creating the perfect fit! We have spent a lot of time in design, manufacturing, and product testing, to create this excellent all-rounder! This translates to even more freedom of movement in your suit, no matter what your swimming style.

    The Ignite has a neoprene thickness of 3.0 millimeters throughout the legs and torso. Thus, our all-rounder protects you in cold open water temperatures whilst still maintianing great comfort,for all levels of swimmers. The shoulders and arms, have a thinner 1.5 millimeters of neoprene this provides outstanding freedom for any swimming style.

    • Chest 3.0mm
    • Hips 3.0mm
    • Arms/Shoulders 1.5mm
    • Thigh 3.0mm
    • Lower Leg: 3.0mm