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Mens Rebel Sleeve Pro 2 Swimskin

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    Rebel Pro Sleeve - The aero suit for the water

    When competing in warm water, you may have to forego the gliding, efficiency and speed advantages of a wetsuit, which could make the quest for your new personal best more challenging.

    But, with the sailfish Rebel Pro Sleeve, you’ll find an uncompromisingly performance-oriented swimskin for an amazing swimming and racing experience, even without neoprene. Benefit from our constant drive for better solutions and keep redefining your own limits with the Rebel Pro Sleeve.

    New, updated and improved features make the 2022 Rebel Pro Sleeve our best swimskin ever.

    The stuff that records are made of
    The success of the Rebel Pro Sleeve is, without a doubt, due to the fabric we use to make it. It’s particularly light and fits onto your body like a second skin creating a natural, comfortable feel and a more carefree swimming experience. And the outstanding properties of the textile surface deliver the hydrodynamic boost for which the Rebel Pro Sleeve is so well known and loved.

    The fit tailored for speed
    The tight-fitting Rebel Pro Sleeve allows for maximum freedom of movement and is just as effective for performance-oriented age-groupers as it is for elite-level pros. The cut of the suit is optimised for the demands of swimmers – long sleeves cover the shoulders and upper arms, maximising the body surface that benefits from the suit’s performance advantages.

    Glide for more efficiency and speed
    The core advantage of the Rebel Pro Sleeve is that it allows you to glide in and through the water. The hydrodynamically optimised surface of the swimskin reduces drag and decreases the amount of effort required by you. This lets you swim more efficiently, concentrating your power where it matters most – in propulsion. The result is greater speed and a better swim time.

    Details that pros appreciate
    We place great importance on the smallest details in all our products. After all, we must do our best so you can too! For the Rebel Pro Sleeve, this means skilfully eliminating even the smallest source of resistance on the surface of the suit by using flat and sealed seams. This optimises on a small scale what the suit is already capable of on a larger scale.


    “Healthy Seas” is an organization that supports sailfish with sustainable materials while cleaning our oceans.

    We have switched to sustainable packaging and integrated it into our product range to reduce the dependence on harmful shipping and display items.

    Sustainable logistics brings Your package delivered to your home in a way that's kinder to the planet, so you can look forward to your next adventure in cleaner nature.

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    Mens Rebel Sleeve Pro 2 Swimskin
    Mens Rebel Sleeve Pro 2 Swimskin
    Mens Rebel Sleeve Pro 2 Swimskin
    Mens Rebel Sleeve Pro 2 Swimskin
    Mens Rebel Sleeve Pro 2 Swimskin

    • Material

    • Fit

    • Efficiency & Speed

    The Rebel Pro Sleeve is an excellent option in races where neoprene is banned, as it is manufactured with 100% textile material. It’s lightweight fabric gently lies over your body like a second skin, thus achieving a streamlined, inconspicuous feeling to allow for a more natural feel in the water, and you can truly focus on your performance!

    Tight-fitting with maximum freedom of movement, the Rebel Pro Sleeve is an excellent option for all athletes, age-groupers to pros. The suit cut is maximized to allow a wide range of movement during your swim stroke, and with the shoulder and upper arm coverage, you also have an increased surface area covered by the suit.

    The core competence of the Rebel Pro Sleeve is its excellent water-gliding properties. The hydrodynamically optimized surface of the swimskin reduces friction and decreases your effort. This gives you the opportunity to swim more efficiently and to maximize your personal power!