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Neoprene Glove


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    Description / Materials

    The long sleeve and the highly flexible material make the neoprene glove comfortable to wear when swimming in cold water. Non skid grip texture on the palm of the hand.

    Best worn under your sailfish wetsuit


    “Healthy Seas” is an organization that supports sailfish with sustainable materials while cleaning our oceans.

    We have switched to sustainable packaging and integrated it into our product range to reduce the dependence on harmful shipping and display items.

    Sustainable logistics brings Your package delivered to your home in a way that's kinder to the planet, so you can look forward to your next adventure in cleaner nature.

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    * Delivery time – 2-3 days
    * Free shipping over $75
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    * Free Repairs

    Neoprene Glove
    Neoprene Glove