sailfish was founded in 2007 by former national German
team swimmer and fastest IRONMAN swimmer, Jan Sibbersen. The sailfish mission is to create premium triathlon and open water swim products. Our award-winning wetsuits, known for their outstanding flexibility, balanced buoyancy, and their distinguished gliding properties in water, build the core of our collection. sailfish is truly “made to make you faster”


The sailfish range includes over 120 products, which are all designed in Germany. sailfish is currently distributed in over 25 countries worldwide. sailfish not only has a passion for triathlon, but also in maintaining a sustainable approach in creating triathlon gear.


Product quality, reliability and the use of sustainable materials have always been basic principles of sailfish. From the initial idea to the finished product, our vision for a better future is to produce the best possible products in the smartest and most sustainable way. By implementing innovative solutions, such as digitizing prototypes to reduce waste, introducing sustainable materials into our product range, we are actively reducing our environmental footprint.


We have switched to sustainable packaging and integrated it into our product range to reduce reliance on harmful shipping and
display items.

By shipping our products in more sustainable packaging, we are kinder on the environment. Our efforts to become a greener company are ongoing and we strive to constantly evolve.


Our new packaging concept has reduced plastic consumption by 25% and paper consumption by 15% in the last 20 months. Our packaging material consists of recycled material. The material in all new and future poly bags consists of recycled and reused industrial production waste.


sailfish has always worked on effective and sustainable logistics to reduce and minimise our impact on the planet, for example, by staying loyal to our suppliers in production through continuous partnerships, we have built stable relationships with all parts  in our
business cycle to ensure reliable delivery of products. Through local suppliers and combined transport of goods, we have managed to avoid and reduce unnecessary transport. Through these efforts, we have been able to significantly reduce our share and dependence on air transport.