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Womens Attack 7

Good Flexibility, Medium Buoyancy, FINA certification

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Description / Materials

A neoprene thickness of 4.5 millimeters on the chest supports the hull and ensures a good position in the water.

A material thickness of 3.0 to 4.0 millimeters on the thigh and 2.0 to 4.0 millimeters on the lower leg supports a flat silhouette without significantly restricting your freedom of movement.

1.5 millimeters of neoprene on the shoulders and arms warms and protects, but offers you complete freedom over arm strokes and swimming technique.


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Sustainable logistics brings Your package delivered to your home in a way that's kinder to the planet, so you can look forward to your next adventure in cleaner nature.

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Womens Attack 7
Womens Attack 7
Womens Attack 7
Womens Attack 7
Womens Attack 7
Womens Attack 7
Womens Attack 7
Womens Attack 7
Womens Attack 7
Womens Attack 7

  • Body Position

  • FINA Approved

  • Range of Motion

  • Drag

  • Tech

Good buoyancy for safety and speed

Good buoyancy makes the Attack 7 not only safe, but fast too. It supports your water position and your technique, this assists in allowing you to concentrate fully on yourself and convert your power into propulsion with zero compromise.

FINA certified triathlon wetsuit.

The Attack was specially developed for triathletes and open water swimmers who participate in FINA-supported competitions. Thus, the Attack complies with the regulations of the World Swimming Federation FINA and may therefore be worn at official open water swimming competitions.

Stable, safe and still mobile

In the Attack 7 we combine features for both a stable water position and the greatest possible freedom of movement. From beginner to ambitious age-grouper, you'll find everything you need to perform at your best in open water with and against others. The Zero Resistance Panel gives you maximum mobility for effortless yet performance-oriented swimming. Our Stability Torso, on the other hand, provides a stable base from which you can perfectly execute your technique. Stability and flexibility - the Attack 7 combines two supposed opposites into a coherent overall concept.

Resistant and versatile

Our Speedflex neoprene provides you with balanced buoyancy for a safe swimming experience. The Hydro Coating helps you glide perfectly through the water and aides in creating more speed whilst keeping you buoyant!

  • Chest 4.5mm
  • Hips 4.5mm
  • Arms/Shoulders 1.5mm
  • Thigh 3.0-4.0mm
  • Lower Leg: 2.0-4.0mm