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Womens G-Range 8

Maximum Flexibility, Maximum Buoyancy, Triathlon Competition

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    The maximum neoprene thickness of the G-Range 8 is 3.0 millimeters and is only used around the chest and thighs . This supports key areas with buoyancy without taking away your freedom to decide on your posture. A material thickness of 2.5 to 3.0 millimeters on the lower leg around the calf ensures an optimal combination of buoyancy and freedom of movement. And you will feel the “lightness” of this suit in the key transition area! The arms and shoulders are given maximum freedom with only 1.5 millimeters of neoprene. The G Range ensures great efficiency, it will enhance your already excellent skill set, adding to your performance and ensuring great ease in the transition zone.


    “Healthy Seas” is an organization that supports sailfish with sustainable materials while cleaning our oceans.

    We have switched to sustainable packaging and integrated it into our product range to reduce the dependence on harmful shipping and display items.

    Sustainable logistics brings Your package delivered to your home in a way that's kinder to the planet, so you can look forward to your next adventure in cleaner nature.

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    Womens G-Range 8
    Womens G-Range 8
    Womens G-Range 8
    Womens G-Range 8
    Womens G-Range 8
    Womens G-Range 8
    Womens G-Range 8
    Womens G-Range 8
    Womens G-Range 8
    Womens G-Range 8

    • Body Position

    • Hip Rotation

    • Drag

    • Range of Motion

    • Tech

    Freedom instead of maximum buoyancy

    The sailfish Speedflex neoprene combines resilience and comfort with good buoyancy characteristics. However, the G-Range 8 does not maximize buoyancy, so you determine your water position. This gives you absolute freedom in terms of your swimming technique and speed. The Nano Stealth Coating makes our Phantom Skin neoprene even faster. The surface coating significantly reduces water resistance and ensures that your power is actually converted into propulsion. This is how speed works!

    Simple rotation for more efficient propulsion

    In 2022 we introduced a real innovation: the Hip Rotation Panel. This panel allows you to move your hips even more freely and convert the longitudinal rotation of your body into effective, energy-saving and powerful propulsion!

    Comfort - faster, lighter and more comfortable

    A comfortable feel and easier on and off of is not only fun, but also leads to faster race times. Our Super Comfort Innerliner has the best wet-slip properties, it’s comfortable and inconspicuous from start to finish. Particularly around the legs, removing the suit in the transition area is often a nuisance, however our Quick Release supports you and lets the suit slide effortlessly off the legs.

    Pure water feeling through even more freedom of movement

    Our Phantom Skin neoprene creates the greatest possible flexibility whilst still being a very light suit. Together with the Ultra Stretch innerliner, you get the joy of real freedom of movement and thus the pure water feeling! The Zero Resistance Panel takes our efforts for unrestricted mobility to a new level. Even fewer seams and the integrated arm panel make the suit a true purist. Not from a technical point of view only - but also in terms of what you feel and experience in the open water.

    • Chest 3.0mm
    • Hips 4.5mm
    • Arms/Shoulders 1.5mm
    • Thigh 3.0mm
    • Lower Leg: 2.5-3.0mm