sailfish Womens Rocket 3
sailfish Womens Rocket 3
sailfish Womens Rocket 3
sailfish Womens Rocket 3
sailfish Womens Rocket 3
sailfish Womens Rocket 3

sailfish Womens Rocket 3

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Our coolest suit – sleeveless and stable in open water

Full-body wetsuits are not your thing? You love absolute and unrestricted freedom of movement in the shoulders and arms, but you appreciate the confidence and performance boost of a wetsuit, even in warm water? Then a sleeveless wetsuit is the perfect solution for you.

The sailfish Rocket 3 combines all your swimming needs and desires into this prime example of innovative thinking. This sleeveless wetsuit closes the insulation and buoyancy gap between the classic full-body wetsuit and our swimskins. 

The updated Rocket 3 borrows the new features of our full-body suits and delivers the full experience of ruggedness, buoyancy, comfort and speed in a sleeveless suit.

Balanced buoyancy on torso and legs

Speedflex neoprene provides a balanced degree of buoyancy so you can experience confidence-giving support in the open water without losing self-determination over water position and technique.

The right mix of neoprene thicknesses

Chest and hips receive the strongest support with 5mm of neoprene exactly where it’s needed most. At the thigh, buoyancy is enhanced with 3-4mm of neoprene without hindering leg-kick mobility or adding too much lift in the water. On the lower leg, 2-4mm deliver the flexibility needed in the transition zone and the mobility and buoyancy during swimming.

Robust and fast

Whether you’re in a crowded starting field, in a training group or alone in the open water, you can always rely on your Rocket 3. Its rugged construction stands up to any challenge you put it through. Hydro Coating provides an even smoother surface, further reducing drag in the water. You’ll swim faster for longer because more of your power is converted to propulsion instead of getting lost between the suit and the water.

Stability in the suit – stability in the water

A stable water position ensures a flatter silhouette and minimises loss of power and speed through unintentional changes in position. We deliver the basis for this stability with the Stability Torso. The hips in particular often tend to move sideways, which is why we’ve also integrated our Hip Panel into this sleeveless wetsuit. The Straight Line Panel completes the essential features in terms of safety and stability by further stabilising the hips and making it significantly easier to swim a straight course.

Comfort despite stabilit

Our Comfort Inner Liner is used here to ensure that you are comfortable and fast in the Rocket 3. Special nylon fibres provide a pleasant feeling on the skin and prevent irritation. Quick Release stands for specifically shaped leg cuff panels.This makes it easier for you to exit the Rocket 3 in the transition area, so your wetsuit doesn’t become a time trap.