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Womens Ultimate IPS Plus 3

Maximum Flexibility & Buoyancy

Wearing the sailfish Ultimate IPS Plus 3 as your go to race suit, you know what to expect: weightlessness, freedom and speed.We’ve made a good thing even better in the Ultimate IPS Plus

Swim like a pro, with the suit built for the pros. German engineering meets passion for triathlon with top technologies from sailfish. The Ultimate IPS Plus 3 is packed with new features.

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    The Ultimate IPS Plus 3 uses a neoprene thickness of 4.5mm at the chest, hips and thighs to create buoyancy exactly where it supports your technique the most. 2.5-4mm on the lower leg offers a balanced compromise between buoyancy and an easy, quick exit in the transition zone. Arms and shoulders have maximum freedom of movement with 1.5mm neoprene for efficient and powerful catch and pulls.


    We have switched to sustainable packaging and integrated it into our product range to reduce the dependence on harmful shipping and display items.

    Sustainable logistics brings Your package delivered to your home in a way that's kinder to the planet, so you can look forward to your next adventure in cleaner nature.

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    Womens Ultimate IPS Plus 3
    Womens Ultimate IPS Plus 3
    Womens Ultimate IPS Plus 3
    Womens Ultimate IPS Plus 3
    Womens Ultimate IPS Plus 3
    Womens Ultimate IPS Plus 3
    Womens Ultimate IPS Plus 3
    Womens Ultimate IPS Plus 3
    Womens Ultimate IPS Plus 3
    Womens Ultimate IPS Plus 3

    • Body Position

    • Hip Rotation

    • Drag

    • Range of Motion

    • Tech

    More buoyancy for your perfect water position

    Aerofloat Max stands for maximum buoyancy. The Ultimate IPS Plus 3 ensures an optimal water position with integrated air cells. This means an even better posture and position in the water, and an even smaller silhouette and thus more speed.

    Hip rotation - the key to even more efficiency

    Our most recently developed Hip Rotation Panel is a torso panel that supports you in creating a more powerful, faster swimming technique. Additional freedom of movement in the hips allows you unrestricted hip rotation, almost as if you were swimming without a suit. This allows you to transfer the longitudinal rotation of your body better in the water and convert your power into effective propulsion.

    Even less water resistance

    Nano Stealth Coating means minimal frictional resistance. The ultra-thin coating of our Phantom Skin Neoprene lets you glide weightlessly through the water - towards the transition zone and a new best time.

    Freedom of movement unlimited

    Freedom of movement unlimited The key to an efficient technique with maximum propulsion is freedom of movement. That's what our Ultimate IPS Plus 3 delivers, with its advanced Phantom Skin neoprene and Ultra Stretch innerliner. This extremely flexible material assists in allowing you to perfect your stroke, and to truly focus on your competition and your performance. The Ultimate IPS Plus 3 gives you unmatched freedom to fully utilize your technique. The Zero Resistance Panel offers a perfect water feel with it’s low seam content and integrated arm panel

    • Chest 4.5mm
    • Hips 4.5mm
    • Arms/Shoulders 1.5mm
    • Thigh 4.5mm
    • Lower Leg: 2.5-4.0mm